Thirsty Thursday: Up the H20!

Hey everyone! I know that a lot of people have talked to be about how hard it is to drink the right amount of water. Water is crucial to our body’s ability to function. For a while, I had a history of dehydration. I went all day without drinking anything until lunch. I never noticed how awful it was until I ended up completely dehydrated one day. Not a good place to be. So I knew I had to make a change. BUT I know how boring water can be so here are some quick tips on how you can increase your water intake!

1. Add ice- yes that sounds simple but so often I hear people just pouring a glass of water and it’s not enoyable. There is something about ice cold water that makes me want to drink more. It makes me feel so much more satisfied!

2. Add fruit- I personally bought an infuser water bottle from Amazon,  starting cutting up fresh fruit and putting in the water bottle over night. The next day my fruit was pleasantly flavored without the artificial sweetners.

3. Get a water bottle with measurements- I know that you should drink at least half of your body weight in water but if you are like me math is not your strongest attribute. So I bought a Nalgene water bottle that has the lines telling me how much I have drank. My goal is always to drink 2-3 a day. So I drink one while I workout, one during my work day and one at night.

4. Kick the caffeine- yes I said it. If you are always drinking things like coffee you are actually contributing to making yourself more thirsty. So start alternating drinks between what you normally drink and water. Slowly you wil notice it gets easier to replace those beverages with water.

5. Plan ahead- if you know you are going to be out running errands carry a water bottle with you. Not only will you stay hydrated you will be less likely to binge snack- bonus!

6. Set a timer- yes people have told me this helps. Set a timer and when it goes off drink some water!


7. Improve your nutrition with water rich foods like watermelon and tomatoes! Not only are they good for you they are 90% water!