Spray This In Your In Your Home And There Will Be No Mosquitoes, Cockroaches and Flies In I Just 2 Hours

Keeping your home clean and spotless is not an easy task – you need to have a lot of free time and clean every corner of it in order to make it look nice. Another big problem are bugs such as cockroaches and mosquitoes. These pests love dirt and will crawl in every crevice in your home, reproducing until they infest it all.

Cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies are pretty difficult to eliminate. In general, people call professional agencies who are experienced in these kinds of problems, but the whole process is time-consuming and pretty expensive as well. Luckily, there’s a simple natural method which can get rid of the bugs effectively and in just a short time.

Here’s how to prepare a wonderful homemade bug repellent:


  • ½ a cup of shampoo
  • ½ a cup of olive oil
  • ½ a cup of vinegar


Mix all the ingredients in an empty spray bottle, then spray the mixture in every corner of your home and the areas frequented by the bugs. The mixture is safe to use around your children and pets as it won’t harm their health. Start using it today, and you will say goodbye to cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies pretty soon!

Source: thehealthy-food.com

Retrived from:organichealthcorner.com