Spend 6 Minutes Daily To Get A Tiny Waist & Hourglass Figure!!!

A lot of people have the misconception that ‘core day’ at the gym means focusing on exercising the abs to lose belly fat. In reality, the word ‘core’ does not mean the same as ‘abs.’ It is true that abs are an essential part of the ‘core workout.’ However, the word ‘core’ is used to refer to a much larger region that includes not only the abs but also the lower back, hips, muscles, and glutes (butt).

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This means that exercising our core will not only help us get rid of belly fat but also improve our posture, relieve lower back pain, reduce the risk of injuries (such as wear and tear of our muscles), as well as improve our overall physical performance.

Below is an exercise plan that will help you lose a lot of belly fat in three days. The exercises start from the beginners’ level but gradually increase in difficulty in order to improve the overall physique in a small period of time.

Day 1

Credits: Dave Smith, Make Your Body Work (YouTube)

The first day introduces you to three simple yet effective techniques to help you quickly oil up those rusty core muscles.

Exercise 1: Skyscrapers (10 on each side)

  • This exercise requires you to start off with a resting plank position. You need to ensure that your hips are not too low or too high as this may hinder you from working on all your core muscles.
  • Make sure your entire body is straight. Lift one of your arms while simultaneously rotating your upper body to face the ceiling causing your body to appear like the ‘T.’
  • Try reaching out as far as you can towards the ceiling while ensuring that the tour glutes and abdomen are tensed to maximize the work done by those muscles.

Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers (10 on each side)

  • For this exercise, you start off by lying on your back with your knees bent.
  • The aim of this exercise is to move your knees from one end of your body to another without moving your hands or upper body.
  • The twisting of your abdomen helps work your abs to lose that belly fat.
  • To provide yourself with a greater challenge, you can try doing this exercise without bending your knees to increase the work done by gravity on your abs, hips, and glutes.

Exercise 3: Army Crawls (36 steps)

  • Like Exercise 1, this exercise requires you to start off in a planking position.
  • The task is to simply move six steps forward and six steps backward while maintaining your planking stance.
  • Once again, you need to ensure that you don’t let your hips go too high or too low.
  • Also, make sure that you tense your glutes and abs to maximize the work done on these muscles.
  • None of these exercises will take you more than 5 minutes to complete.
  • If you feel you are up for the challenge, you can repeat each exercise two times before moving on Day 2 of this three-day challenge.

Day 2

Credits: Dave Smith, Make Your Body Work (YouTube)

Exercise 1: Breakdancer (15 on each side)

  • This exercise requires you to start in a slightly higher planking position than usual.
  • Now, lift one leg and move it to the opposite side of your body and touch the floor.

Exercise 2: Skydiver (remain in the position for 30 seconds)

  • This exercise requires you to lie on your stomach.
  • Picture yourself falling out of a plane with the air pushing up against your body as you fall.
  • Bend your elbows and knees by 90 degrees and lift your hands and thighs off the ground to work your core muscles.

Exercise 3: Dead Bug (do 10 repetitions)

  • Hope you aren’t already dead before you reach this exercise!
  • This exercise requires you to lie on your back and raise your arms and legs in the air.
  • Now, bend your knees 90 degrees but keep your hands straight to perform this position.

Exercise 4: Thread The Needle (10 on each side)

  • This exercise requires you to start off in a sideways planking position.
  • Now, use your free hand to try and touch your opposite shoulder by going under your abdomen.
  • To perform this exercise correctly, you need to ensure that your lower body does not break its planking stance.

Day 3

Credits: Dave Smith, Make Your Body Work (YouTube)

Exercise 1: Crab Kicks Into Superman (6 on each side)

  • Arguably, the most complicated exercise in this challenge.
  • Let’s break it down into two parts: crab kicks and superman pose.
  • To perform a crab kick, you need to lie on your back and raise your body in the air while letting your limbs be in contact with the ground.
  • Then, raise one hand while raising the opposite leg and kick.
  • To perform the superman pose, flip over to your stomach and lift your body in the air.
  • Once again, raise one hand while raising the opposite leg and stretch your limbs as far as you can to make it appear as though you are flying.

Exercise 2: Star Leg Raise (10 on each side)

  • To perform a star leg raise, start off in a side plank position and raise your free hand and leg in the air to shape your body into a star.
  • Repeat on the other side to ensure a complete core muscle workout.

Exercise 3: Side V-Ups (10 on each side)

  • Similar to the advanced windshield wiper you may have performed on Day 1, this exercise takes it one step further.
  • Once you move your stretched out legs to one side of your body, raise the hand that is on the opposite side of where your legs are and try to touch them.

Exercise 4: Over/Under (10 on each side)

  •  Finally, the last exercise for Day 3! This exercise requires you to start off with a wrist plank position.
  • Now, raise your left hand and move it towards your right toe while simultaneously moving your right toe to your left hand from underneath your body.
  • Once they make contact, release and try the same thing again – only this time making contact from above.
  • Alternate between both hands and legs to ensure a full-body workout.

Once you have completed the three-day challenge, you can continue performing these 11 exercises to maintain your body in good shape. Always remember to take things slow as the longer you take to perform a pose, the greater the work your muscles are doing, thereby helping you to achieve the body of your dreams!