Best Workouts for Toning Your Body

Once you’ve lost weight, you may be disappointed with the shape. Sagging skin and small muscles lead to not quite getting the shape of your dreams. That’s why you need to incorporate exercise to tone your body and build your muscles.

The muscles you’ll find here won’t give you the body of a bodybuilder, but you will get that beach-ready body that you’re happy with.


Here are the best workouts for toning the whole of your body.

Tennis Workout

Play Tennis for the Arms

While you can do pushups and weights to build your arm muscles, they aren’t always the most fun. You want to do something that doesn’t feel like a workout and there are plenty of options for the arms. Tennis or squash are two of the best options.

The swinging of the rackets will help you build the triceps and the shoulders. You’ll also need to do plenty of running around to get the heart and lungs working. Not only will you build your arms but you’ll burn fat at the same time.

Tennis and squash are team sports. You’ll have a friend with you, so you enjoy some socialising together and will get away from the idea of forced exercise.

Spin-Fit Workout

Try Out Spin-Fit Classes at the Gym

Spinning bikes are extremely popular for leg workouts. You’ll tone the thighs while burning calories and fat.

With a spin-fit class, you’re encouraged to keep up with everyone else. There are beginner classes, so you don’t get left behind, and there are elements that you can take at your own pace. You will definitely feel the burn in the legs and they’ll feel wobbly when you finish.

Only sign up for a couple of classes at first. Give yourself chance to try them out and see if they’re your type of exercise. Don’t forget to take plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated as you will sweat out the fat!

Leg Raise Exercises Will Also Work

If spin-fit isn’t for you, you can still tone your leg muscles. Leg raise exercises are some of the best options and you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

Start by laying on your side on the floor and raising one leg up in the air. Hover it just over your lowered leg, which should sit with a bend for stability, and then lower back down towards the ground. At no point should that leg touch the floor to help keep working on toning the muscles.

You’ll need to pull in the core muscles to keep the stability, as well as relying on that grounded leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times and then roll over to work on your other leg. As you get used to it, you’ll need to do more repetitions on each side.

Another exercise is to lay on your back and lift both legs up. You need to keep them both off the ground, hovering them a couple of inches from the floor when you lower them. This will require plenty of core strength, which will build the more you do it. Use your arms at the side of your body to help with the stability and core strength.

Improve Your Core Strength With Yoga

There’s been a mention of core strength regularly and there always will be when it comes to toning. This is because it helps to improve posture, increase the metabolic rate, and make exercising easier. You want to improve this as much as possible, and one option is to take up yoga.

Yoga comes in many forms. There are those that help with the meditative state and others that involve more energetic exercises. Find a class that suits your goals. If it is just for your core stability, you’ll find that the majority of classes will work.

Talk to the class instructor to find out what you will gain from each type of yoga if you are unsure. Think about the type of toning you want to achieve, as some work on legs and core, while others will just work on your core and flexibility.

Swimming for Overall Toning

Take Up Swimming for Overall Toning

Swimming is one of the best exercises for toning the body. It works on every single muscle, except those in the face! It’s also something that everyone who can swim can do. If you can’t swim, it’s worth taking up swimming lessons because you’ll pick up a skill and tone your whole body at the same time.

Those who are injured, pregnant, or overweight find swimming helpful. The water helps to take some of the weight from your back and legs, meaning you can push yourself a little more and feel weightless. If you’re self-conscious about your size, you can also hide in the water—although most people in the pool are there to work out and not judge someone else in the pool!

Start with breaststroke for toning the body and building up your strength. As you get more confident, you can try front or back stroke to work your lungs harder while toning the body.

Choose a Place to Start

Having this list can feel overwhelming. It’s time to get started with your body toning somewhere. Pick the exercise that sounds the most fun to you or works on the area that you most prefer. Then you can start adding one more exercise at a time for overall body tone.