9 positive benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is most often associated with warm weather. But the positive benefits that it brings are significantly large, so start to practice sleeping naked at any time of year.
These are just a few good reasons to start sleeping covered only with a sheet or blanket:

It relieves the sleeping ritual

How many times have happened to fall asleep so sweet and then, as long as you move to other room and most importantly change and your drowsiness to go away?
Except that you do not have to worry about dressing up and immediately dragging yourself into bed, you do not have to worry about buying pajamas anymore.
Also, you have less clothes for washing and maintenance. Keep in mind that you need to change the bedding more often.

Some of the benefits is good sleep, weight loss and skin care.

Makes you more active

Some people even after they wake up want to stay all day at home in pajamas.
Although this pleasure for many people is somehow “secret sin”, however, it leads to life mainly tied to the couch in the living room.
When you have normal clothes on yourself that is not pajama, you get out more often and you are more active.

It makes you happier and freer

Free from pajamas and underwear. Forget the bras and boxers and imagine lying naked between two sheets.
That thought brings a smile and makes you feel free. And that feeling, we must admit, is pretty good.

Skin-to-skin contact is irreplaceable

If you share a bed with a partner, sleeping completely naked offers skin-to-skin contact that makes hugging a much nicer moment. This inevitably leads to a more active and more exciting sex life.
Your body will release more oxytocin, which automatically means that you will feel much better and you will have more pleasant thoughts about your partner.

Leads to better sleep

You do not get enmeshed with the sleeping clothes between the covers and sheet. Do not sweat further. In fact, nothing distracts your attention and does not disturb your sleep. All this leads to a better, deeper and more quality sleep.

Makes the skin more beautiful

The body simply breathes. Armpits, feet, intimate parts during the day are covered with several layers of clothes, and now finally they have the opportunity to come into contact with air and to breathe easier. This reduces the risk of certain skin diseases.

It regulates the level of cortisol

Sleeping naked helps you easily adjust the body temperature in the optimal range, and the body in this way produces cortisol more easily. If your body is overheated while you sleep, the level of cortisol will be too high, even after you wake up.
This leads to increased anxiety, craving for junk food, weight gain. When you sleep naked body temperature varies in the optimal range, and the body more easily create and regulate cortisol levels.

Balances the level of melatonin

Try the temperature in the sleeping room to reach an optimal 21 ° C.
In this way, the body regulates melatonin and the growth hormone. These hormones are particularly important for slowing down the aging process and general health.
When you sleep dressed the body additionally heats up and prevents the effect of these hormones. Simply put, sleeping in clothes instead of naked makes you grow older.

It protects the intimate parts

Sleeping naked for men allows the testicles to maintain a lower temperature, which is particularly important for reproductive health, as it creates more and healthier sperm and avoids the problem of “varicose veins”.
For women sleeping naked prevents a large number of fungal infections because they multiply in warm and humid conditions. When the temperature is lower and drier, their development is restricted.