9 Health Benefits of Eating While Being Seated

Sitting down to eat your food is a much encouraged yet neglected practice. To save your time and often as a workplace standard, eating while standing or on-the-go has somewhat become a recent trend. However, such a habit leads to deteriorating heath. But, there are tremendous health benefits of having food when you are seated especially on the floor (in the position of sukhasana). It’s an ancient practice and here’s how it enhances your overall well-being.

  1. Prevents Overeating

When you sit to have your food, you pay more attention to what’s on the plate. This way you make healthy food choices and even consume fewer calories rather than simply gulping down whatever’s available.

  1. Early Point Of Satisfaction

When you sit to eat, it increases the feelings of fullness on time. This, in turn, decreases the chances of overeating and putting on those extra pounds.

  1. Improves Digestion

Sitting on the floor promotes better digestion. You may not have the convenience of holding a plate right in front of you, but following a constant back-and-forth pattern to eat on the floor activates your abdomen muscles and makes digestion easier.

  1. Corrects The Posture

You develop a better posture which prevents any stress on your joints and it increases the ability to stay upright. You sit straight, the spine is lengthened and shoulders are pushed back.

  1. Enhances Longevity

When your digestion is improved, your joints remain healthy and your posture is enhanced, you tend to lead a longer and disease-free life. Sitting, especially on the floor increases your flexibility and builds up the vitality.

  1. Relaxes The Mind

When you are sitting in a comfortable position and eating, your mind remains calm and very much relaxed. And when you are consuming food in a state that’s absolutely peaceful, it again aids your digestion.

  1. Strengthens Blood Circulation

Sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position promotes a better circulation. The blood is pumped out in a much better way and it is your heart that receives the maximum benefits.

  1. Maintains Bone Health

Sitting and eating food on the floor strengthens your lower back area along with reducing all the related discomforts. Your hips open up to sit which makes the pelvic and leg muscles even stronger.

  1. Helps Savor Meals

Sitting and having food makes you chew better. You process the food in an improved manner and you are also able to taste all the flavors in every bite. This creates a sense of warmth when you sit down to enjoy the meal especially with your loved ones.


Mindfulness is an important aspect of every meal you consume. Such an experience can be felt when you are contented while eating. You take time to relish every bite. And such a wholesome practice can only be achieved when you sit on the floor, stay upright, eat slowly, chew well and pay attention to your plate!


Author Bio:

Shubha Agarwal is an Ayurveda enthusiast! Loves Yoga and Meditation! She is the founder of Ayurvedum.com and is on a mission to help everyone world over live a naturally healthy and balanced life by following an Ayurveda lifestyle. Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom of life from India dating back 5000 years that is as relevant even in the current modern society. Help spread the goodness of Ayurveda with her!