Aromatic, pungent and spicy, ginger adds a special flavor to various cuisines for centuries.

Classified as a herb, this flowering plant has long green stems and leaves, while its roots have been widely used in traditional medicine.

This popular spice offers powerful medicinal properties and many people are becoming aware of its effectiveness.

Many experts examine the effectiveness of ginger and managed to prove that young ginger reduces the body temperature in the case of fever while the old ginger increases the body temperature in the case of a cold and suitable during winter.


Ginger contains at least 12 types of antioxidants. This means that is extremely beneficial for treating various disorders. It is packed with essential oils, calcium, iron, vitamin C, folate, protein, phosphorus, choline, manganese, inositol, and vitamin B3. Ginger also has aphrodisiac properties.


Ginger is an anticoagulant: Ginger can reduce the stickiness of blood platelets, thus reducing the risk of stroke. In order to experience its anticoagulant benefits, add fresh ginger to your cooking or add a teaspoonful of young ginger juice in your drinks.

Ginger has aphrodisiac effect: Being a natural aphrodisiac, ginger can be used as a healthier alternative to Viagra. Mix ginger juice, hot water, and raw honey and drink this tea while still hot.

Ginger can fight off the common cold: A ginger infusion can help you to effectively relieve fever and flu symptoms or fight off a cold. You should cut or grate a small piece of mature ginger. Infuse in hot water for 5 minutes then you can add some green leaves. Make sure to strain well then drink it immediately.

Relieves a tingly cough and sanitize the throat: If you have a bad throat and tingly cough, you should drink ginger juice with raw honey 3-4 times a day. It has soothing properties and can effectively clear up phlegm. In the case of a dry cough, it is recommended to use the younger ginger. If you have phlegm, use the older ginger.

Combat cysts and mastitis: Ginger compress is a great method to naturally reduce and eliminate cysts and mastitis.

Treats digestive disorders: In a glass of water, you should mix a teaspoonful each of young ginger juice, fresh mint juice, fresh lime juice, and honey to taste. This drink will relieve indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, and nausea. It is particularly effective after a big meaty meal.

Relieves fatigue and invigorate: Ginger has invigorating and warming properties. It has the ability to relieve muscle pain and soreness. Just slice a piece of ginger into disks. Boil it with a big glass of water. Then, add a piece of cinnamon bark and bring to boil. Cover it for 30 minutes until it turns to golden color. Drink this to relieve fatigue when recovering from a fever.

Relieves flatulence/wind: You should pound a piece of fresh ginger. Boil with a cup of water and add a little honey to taste. Drink it two times on a daily basis to let off the wind trapped in the intestinal tract.

Headaches:  Lemon-ginger tea is extremely beneficial in the case of headaches. It can encourage blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the brain, which in turn reduces the pain. The regular use of ginger can stop chronic headaches.

Impotency:  Mix a teaspoonful of young ginger juice to a half-boiled egg and a teaspoonful of honey. You should take this on an empty stomach, every night for 1 month. It is extremely beneficial in the case of impotency and premature ejaculation. Moreover, it increases sperm count.

Inflammation:  Due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger can relieve numerous inflammatory diseases, including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It relieves pain caused by inflammation and reduces swelling and morning stiffness.

Menstruation disorder:  You should pound a piece of young ginger and boil with a cup of water. Add honey to taste. Drink it hot 2-3 times on a daily basis for 1 month. Ginger contains pain-relieving and anti-cramping compounds which can effectively relieve menstruation cramps (dysmenorrhoea). In the case of absence of menstruation in women in the reproductive age (amenorrhoea), this drink can help induce menstruation.

Morning, sea and motion sickness: Mix a teaspoonful of young ginger juice with some honey in order to relieve morning sickness, dizziness, sea or motion sickness, and nausea caused by anesthesia or chemotherapy.

Pain killer: Ginger juice is a great pain killer, even when applied externally. In the case of headaches, you should apply the juice to the forehead. To treat a toothache, apply the juice to the external area of the cheek or jaw area.

Stomach ulcer:  The regular consumption of ginger juice can heal stomach ulcers. Make sure to avoid processed foods that can only aggravate the ulcers. You can also try cabbage juice. It will help you to completely heal your stomach ulcers.


It is recommended to use a teaspoon so you can scrape off the ginger skin. If you use ginger in cooking, you should add at the beginning for a milder taste, or if you want a much more pungent taste, add near the end.

Add 1 tsp fresh ginger juice in your vegetable or fruit juices.

Lemon-ginger-honey is very beneficial for cold and cough.

Lemongrass and ginger detoxifying tea is known for its potent antimicrobial properties, and it is recommended for people suffering from yeast infection.


  • Ginger juice is not recommended for young children while honey is not recommended for infants
  • Fresh ginger juice contains high levels of active enzymes and substances, meaning that it is very potent. A teaspoonful is enough to obtain its benefits
  • Ginger juice is spicy, so go slow with it. Flatulence and uncontrollable burping are the most common side effects. This does not indicate that the juice causes gas, but that its consumption causes our body to release trapped gas in the intestinal tract
  • People with a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones are recommended to avoid an excessive consumption of ginger.


As we said before ginger contains essential oils and phenolic compounds such as gingerols and shogaols. They are the main reason why ginger has a hot, pungent, and spicy taste. Gingerols act similarly like capsicum in the body.


Ginger can be easily found in almost every supermarket and health food shop, in the fresh fruits and veggies section. The ginger should not look dry and wrinkly (this means it is old). To be sure that the rhizome is healthy and growing, always look for rhizomes with the beginning of new shoots growing. This will last for a longer period, and could be planted at home for cultivation!


Ginger should be stored in a cool, dry place. Don’t expose it to a direct sunlight. It is recommended to consume while still fresh, because with time it will shrivel and dry.

Source: Juicing For Health

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