10-Week, No-Gym Workout for Women

Not all of us have the time to go the gym. I’m one of the lucky ones—I have a gym just 10 minutes from my home. But I do understand that not everyone has that luxury. Ironically, in the era of the “emancipated” woman, women tend to have less and less time. And it shows on their bodies. I’m not trying to be insulting or anything, but I can tell you that without some sweat at the gym or at home, you can’t have that dream body you want.

I can understand that you have no time for going to the gym. However, I have to tell you that after reading this article, you’ll have no excuse for not exercising anymore. This is the workout designed especially for women who have no time to go to the gym or who don’t want to go to the gym. Or who don’t want to pay for the gym. I don’t care about the reason—now you can skip the gym and get your workout done at home.

How does the workout work?

The workout works if you follow the same set of exercises Monday through Friday. The complete workout costs nothing, and in 10 weeks, I guarantee you’ll see results. I just have to warn you not to expect miracles. After all, if you’ve been sitting all this time, and suddenly you decide to start working out, the results will take some time. But try this workout, and you’ll see it’s worth investing more time in exercise. The complete routine will take approximately 20 minutes per day. I know Saturday and Sunday are scheduled for rest, but I suggest doing some yoga on those days, just so you can relax your body and prepare it for the week.

I also suggest that you increase your water consumption during the workout regimen. At least 2 to 3 quarts per day is essential for success. If you like, you can drink infused water, which is even better. As for your meals, focus more on proteincarbs, and good fat (I don’t suggest that you start dieting and lowering your calorie intake). The important thing is to source the good calories, which are protein, good fat (nuts, avocado, olive oil and similar), and some carbs. Now, let’s take a look at what the program offers.


Here is the list of exercises you need to do on Monday:

  • 20 squats
  • 15-second plank
  • 25 crunches
  • 35 jumping jacks
  • 15 lunges
  • 25-second wall sit
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 butt kicks
  • 5 push-ups

Being that Monday is the first day of the week, we start with rather easy exercises. Note that half of the exercises are cardio, so that you get your juices flowing. You can combine the exercises any way you like. For example, you can start with squats, but you can also start with lunges. I recommend that you put the push-ups and plank in the middle. Your workout should start slowly, reach peak intensity, and then slowly finish.


Here is the list of exercises you need to do on Tuesday. You’ll notice some repetitions:

  • 10 squats
  • 30-second plank
  • 25 crunches
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 25 lunges
  • 45-second wall sit
  • 35 sit-ups
  • 20 butt kicks
  • 10 push-ups

For the second day of the week, you take it slower with the cardio exercise, but you increase the intensity and the duration of the strength exercises. Both the plank and the wall sit are increased, and you’ll have to do 5 more push-ups. I know women usually have trouble doing push-ups; if you can’t do regular push-ups, do the female version, which is with your knees on the floor.


New day and a new list:

  • 15 squats
  • 40-second plank
  • 30 crunches
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 25 lunges
  • 35-second wall sit
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 25 butt kicks
  • 10 push-ups

As we approach the middle of the week, you need to reach peak intensity: you start slow, reach peak intensity, and then slowly slow down (this applies for your entire week). Notice that almost all sets, repetitions and durations are increased. Don’t worry, we are almost at the peak, and from there it is a slow climb down. But be ready to go hard.


This is your highest intensity day:

  • 35 squats
  • 50-second plank
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 25 lunges
  • 60-second wall sit
  • 55 sit-ups
  • 35 butt kicks
  • 20 push-ups

As mentioned, Thursday is the peak day of the week. Notice that we have reduced the duration and repetitions of the cardio exercises (there are fewer jumping jacks and lunges). However, you should push hard on the plank, wall sit, and the push-ups. Another side note: if you can’t do 20 push-ups at one time, you can split the series into 10 and 10. That way, it will be easier, and you’ll be sure that you do them properly, instead of slacking on the last few repetitions.

Also, in case I didn’t say it previously, you can take a 10- to 15-second break between each and every set of exercise.


The intensity is slowly decreasing now:

  • 25 squats
  • 40-second plank
  • 30 crunches
  • 55 jumping jacks
  • 60 lunges
  • 40-second wall sit
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 45 butt kicks
  • 15 push-ups

Unlike the previous days, we reduced the duration and repetitions of the strength exercises. However, on this last day of the week, there’s an increase in the repetitions for the cardio exercises. This is the day you want to burn some extra calories and sweat a bit more. Remember, drink water while exercising, and definitely some after. You want to keep yourself hydrated.


The weekend is designed for rest and yoga. I recommend you do some yoga stretches on Saturday, but you can also choose to rest. If you plan on doing yoga, it’s important that you stretch your entire body. That means stretches for your back muscles, abdominal muscles, leg muscles, and arm muscles. Doing yoga will rejuvenate your body and get you prepared for the next week.


There’s no need to do any exercise on Sunday, although I recommend doing some meditation. Yoga will help you calm your body and relax, but meditation will calm your mind and thoughts. You can also reflect on what you’ve achieved the previous week. And meditation is extremely handy in the first week of exercise. Or, you can always just rest. But when we talk about rest, we mean rest.

So, the question is: can you commit 10 weeks to this workout regimen? As you can see, it’s not as hard as you expected. Hopefully, you can commit 20 minutes of your time per day to exercising. Also, after the initial 10 weeks, I suggest you take a week or two to rest. And after that, if you want to continue the regimen, add some weight. But don’t do it on the first week; start adding weights on the second week.

10-Week, No-Gym Workout for Women

Hope you enjoy it!