Pinterest disappearing boards what’s happening?

Logined to your Pinterest account with hundreds of Pinterest boards and see just one yep we felt it too in the last couple of days we too at Breaking Story noticed that we log in to our account only to see just a couple of boards instead of hundreds of boards we use to have yes we were terrified too what happened where did all that boards go?

This happened to us a couple of times in past two days so we decided to investigate a bit for us and for all of your Pinterest lovers who can’t figure out whats happening.So we did we first decided to check for it on google so we searched for Pinterest crash missing boards and after some scrolling and opening of some articles we stumbled upon this page and we saw this analysis

Apparently, in the past few days, there were a lot of reports about Pinterest errors mostly about 22 PM and further into the night the exact time when we experienced errors too.And after scrolling more down the page we noticed that a big majority of people is also leaving comments about this situation and all of them are complaining about the same thing Pinterest boards missing 

So our next move was to try to contact Pinterest and check if they know whats going on and when it is going to be fixed  so we can continue to use our Pinterest account without problems so we started by going to to report this but as soon as we logged in we noticed this Pinterest survey at the top of Help Page

This are good news they already know about the problem and are probably fixing it by the time we speak so we just entered the survey provided the info they were asking and we suggest you complete the survey too so they can fix this problem as soon as possible just go to this it will take you to Pinterest survey just provide them with the info  they ask so they can resolve this problem as soon as possible so we can all can continue with our normal Pinterest activities as soon as possible

I hope you liked the article and that it helped you and clarified what happening with Pinterest right now.

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